Hiring the Right Voice Over Talent

Do you have a creative project, such as a cartoon or commercial, that requires a voice over? Do you feel overwhelmed with how to hire a male voice talent? Although the process can seem overwhelming, you can find the best talent by following a few simple steps.

Define Your Needs

Only you know what type of voice over you are looking for. Your talent requirements will be based on the type of project and the impression you want to give the public, e.g., how do you want the public to perceive you or your project? You should also create a detailed schedule to ensure that your voice over is completed by the project’s release date.

Many projects require that their voice talents sign nondisclosure agreements. These project managers will also request multiple voice or script samples. Does your project require an NDA or special invoicing process? Identify these needs before searching for talent.

Initial Applicant Reviews

After you have posted the job, you will receive numerous communications from interested talent. Note the responsiveness of each voice over candidate. How quickly did they respond to your advertisement? Next, review their experience and qualifications. You should also review their training. For example, do they have formal training, who trained them, what type of training did they complete and how long did they train? Review the artists’ previous work and listen carefully to their submitted audition tapes.

Their supporting documents, including their resume and letter, should also discuss their availability and versatility. They should list previous projects the actor has worked on and how they can be found and reviewed. Always check a voice actor’s references. You want to make sure you are hiring the right person for the job.

Responsiveness and Questions

A high-quality, professional voice talent will respond to your job or audition posting quickly. During a phone interview, listen closely to the applicants’’ voices to ensure they are the talent from their audition tapes.

Then, listen for questions A professional will ask the right questions, such as when is your project due, what are your project goals and what signature characteristics are you looking for in a voice actor. They should also ask whether you are looking for a consistent voice for multiple projects or if they will work on a single project. They should ask about the character they will portray to ensure they can fulfill your requirements. Pay attention to the questions you are asked. They will reveal the actor’s experience and professionalism.

You shouldn’t be shy about asking questions either. Get to know the actors to see if they fit within your project’s intent, desired image and scope. Then, discuss price.

Whether you are working with an agency or not, you can find great voice talent for your project. A little work in the beginning will ensure your project comes together successfully.