Carey Lowell: Career And Net Worth

Daughter of an important geologist, petroleum exploration geologist James David Lowell, Carey Lowell has traveled around the world since she was very young. She spent her childhood in Libya. After living in several countries, she went back to the States, where she became a model, appreciated by people like Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein, appearing on the covers of the most important fashion magazines.

Richard Gere has split from his actress wife Carey Lowell, with the ‘Pretty Woman’ star and Lowell have reportedly called time on their 11-year union after growing apart, with a source close to the couple telling the New York Post: ‘They’ve been spending time apart for quite some time.’

Carey Lowell Career And Net Worth
Carey Lowell

Lowell was born in Huntington, New York, the daughter of geologist James Lowell. She spent her childhood living in several countries, including Libya, the Netherlands, and France. In the US she also lived in Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado, where her family settled when she was 12. After a year at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she considered majoring in literature, she moved to New York City to pursue modeling and modeled for such clients as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, and at one point attended New York University. She also studied at Manhattan’s Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.

Carey Lowell Spouse

These days, the word of divorce shakes up headlines more than the word of a newly married relationship ever could. Regardless of how sad the situation can be, fans always have some craving for drama, and that is exactly what this prominent personality has to offer.

When the bond girl Carey Lowell and her husband got divorced, the media just went haywire. The news of their divorce made the couple the center of attraction for quite the time. Years actually!

While the couple seemed on good terms even in public, it was just a sugar coating. They made it seem like that not because they wanted to mend the fence or whatever, but because they were haggling around the $120 million net worth which Gere has.

Carey Lowell Law And Order

Carey Lowell is an actress who played Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross in seasons seven and eight of Law & Order. She also made guest appearances in the episodes “Justice” and “School Daze” as a defense attorney. On Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Lowell returned as a judge in the episodes “41 Shots” and “Bang & Blame”. Lowell also appeared in the Homicide: Life on the Street crossover episode “Baby, It’s You: Part 2”.

Right now, no woman on television is tougher, smarter, leaner, meaner, grittier, or, well, prettier than Carey Lowell’s assistant district attorney Jamie Ross manages to be every week on Law and Order. The latest cast change in a series famous for its perpetual cast changes, Lowell’s Ross has definitely made her presence felt: Her sensible-heel pump has already poked a corpse or two with police detectives Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Reynaldo Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) and, in one of the new TV season’s most memorable hours, she’s gone toe-to-toe with a creepy old judge who was sexually harassing her.

Carey Lowell Career

Carey Lowell started her acting career with the thriller movie, ‘Dangerously Close’ as Julie. She then appeared in a small role in the Robin Williams movie, ‘Club Paradise.’ Her other acting credits include, ‘Down Twisted,’ ‘Me and Him,’ ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ ‘Sleepless In Seattle,’ ‘Love Affair’ and ‘Fierce Creatures.’

Lowell was much active in the industry during the nineties, but her portrayals dramatically decreased after that. She featured only in few projects which include ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’, ‘Law & Order: Trial by Jury,’ ‘Empire Falls’, and ‘Six Degrees.’

Carey Lowell Career
Carey Lowell Career

Carey Lowell Bond

Like The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) before it and Casino Royale (2006) after it, Licence to Kill (1989) introduced us to one of the best and one of my favourite Bond girls, Carey Lowell. She saves Bond’s back the first time they properly meet, wears her hair cut short and a Berretta up her, not one, but two heart-stopping evening dresses, and downs a vodka martini in one go, so wouldn’t you agree?

The first Bond film based not on an Ian Fleming novel or story title, but on a frequently used phrase within the novels, Licence to Kill is one of the best movies of the franchise, less fun and far-fetched, darker, grittier, using more reverberations and echos of Fleming’s novels, allowing James Bond to function as a human being with fragile emotions. It is a disruption in the narrative tradition of the series, in the vein of In Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and Casino Royale.

There was a whole period where they became rather fantastical and gimmicky. The humor had become too exaggerated, too tongue-in-cheek. When you go back to the books, you’re dealing with a real man, not a superman; a man beset with moral confusions, apathies, and uncertainties, one who is often very frightened, nervous, and tense.”

Carey Lowell Net Worth

Carey Lowell is an American actress and former model who has a net worth of $12 million dollars. A Carey Lowell was born in Huntington, New York, and grew up all over as a child, as her father was a geologist. She spent most of her teen years in Denver, Colorado, and then studied Literature at the University of Colorado – Boulder. She chose to drop out after her freshman year and moved to New York to pursue careers in modeling and acting.Carey Lowell modeled for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, among others, before she began booking work on various television shows and in movies.

Carey Lowell has evidently made a good fortune from her acting career. Besides that, the actress ended the four years dispute over the custody of son, Homer with Richard Gere in 2016 and received $120 million worth. She hasn’t disclosed her net worth until now, but given her acting credits and the sum she received from Richard, it must be somewhere in hundreds of thousand dollars.

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