The 5 Best Motivational Movies for Students

Motivational movies come through when life seems messed up. You get to focus on something else for more than the duration of the movie, and by the time it’s done, you shall be feeling better.

When you can’t find your way around assignments, you should not only buy dissertations but also find a way to lift your spirits. A little break from your studies will ensure you release the pent up pressure that has been building up through the week.

Watching a motivational movie is one of the best ways of rebooting your system as a college student. Unlike watching series that tend to consume a lot of time, a motivational movie only takes two hours to complete.

Besides, you won’t be tempted to binge-watch these movies because they don’t leave you in suspense like series episodes. Motivational movies are a safer alternative for individuals who have a busy schedule like you.

Here are five motivational movies you should consider adding to your collection.

1.     Nil Battey Sannata (2015)

This movie narrates the story of a single mother who tasks up to four different menial jobs to put food on the table. She has a daughter whom she has to take care of all by herself.

Motivational Movies

As she bends over backward to make ends meet, her daughter doesn’t seem to have the motivation to do well in school. She is weak in math, and her mother decides to learn the subject so that she can teach her daughter.

When this lady succeeds in math, it motivates her daughter to work harder at her studies. This is a movie that delivers a strong message on hard work and dedication. Whatever you want to achieve is possible if you put your mind to it.

2.     I am Kalam (2010)

I am Kalam is a movie that talks about a smart child name Chotu. This impoverished kid gets sent to work at the roadside by his mother so that they can get extra cash to make ends meet.

Motivational Movies

Chotu refuses to be held back by his background and chooses to use his brains to make things work in his favor. His natural inclination for street and academic smartness helps him find away.

This is a movie that touches on the strong will we all have to survive difficult situations. We are only as good as we believe we are.

3.     3 Idiots (2009)

This is the most inspiring and emotional movie you will ever watch. It touches on the educational systems that are not fashioned for the good of the students. It also shows that students can make their school a better place if they put their minds to it.

Motivational Movies

3 Idiots is a movie that encourages students to speak up when they see things going the wrong way. Your voice matters and you should use it for positive change.

4.     Taare Zameen Par (2009)

Motivational Movies

This movie is ideal for students and teachers alike. It touches on the power that teaching methods have on the success of students. Learning institutions should adapt diverse teaching methods that help all students excel.

5.     The Social Network (2010)

This biographical drama will have you at the edge of your seat. If you use Facebook, you might want to watch this movie as it talks about the man behind this app. It is a motivational movie that sheds light on how Mark Zuckerberg got to be where he is today.

Motivational Movies

It is a movie that will inspire you to work hard to secure your future. This movie also conveys the message that we need to take big leaps of faith to make our dreams come true.


Motivational movies help you keep your eyes on the price. Even though college can be challenging, they remind you about the light at the end of the tunnel.